DuraWatt DSATX

DuraWatt DSATX
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  • Item #: DuraWatt DSATX
  • Manufacturer: Mpegbox
Mpegbox DuraWatt™ DSATX

Made in the U.S.A.
With Domestic and Globally Sourced Parts

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The DSATX is the most advanced DC-DC Automotive Computer Power Supply available. It is capable of properly powering most Pentium 4 and AMD based computers in a motor vehicle as well as their accessories.

Its advanced microprocessor control enables features such as Startup/Shutdown Sequencing, Low Voltage Battery Protection, and Temperature Protection. Features also include Serial Port Control, Diagnostics, and Upgradeability.

Desktop computer motherboards are typically not designed to work in automotive environments, the design and engineering that went into the DSATX makes every attempt to compensate for this. Having purchased a DSATX, you will rest assured that youÂ’ve invested in a flexible product that can grow and expand with your automotive computing system.

1 : DSATX 220 Watt Power Supply
1 : 9" 20-pin ATX Power Cable with 2 HDD Power Connectors and 1 Floppy Connector.
1 : 12" 4-pin ATX 12V Power Cable (CPU Power Cable).
2 : 0.1" Shunt Jumpers.
1 : 24" 2-pin to 2-pin Mother Board Power Switch Cable.
3 : Insolated Terminal Ring Crimp/Solder Connectors 12-10AWG.

DSATX Specification
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