DuraWatt DSX12V

DuraWatt DSX12V
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Mpegbox DuraWatt™ DSX12V

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The DSX12V is the highest efficiency and highest current 12V-12V DC-DC Power Supply available on the market in this small form-factor.

The DSX12V is a high performance DC-to-DC switching power supply that operates from input voltages above, below, or equal to the output voltage. The constant frequency current mode architecture operates at a frequency of 400kHz..

With a wide 6V to 24V operating input range and seamless transfers between operating modes, the DSX12V is ideal for automotive, telecom and battery-powered systems. The DSX12V can provide up to 12 amps sustained (15 amps peak) while maintaining an extremely high efficiency. The output is short circuit protected and over-voltage protected as well.

DSATX Specification
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