TREE GREEN- STAR Christmas Tree Water Level Indicator and Alarm

TREE GREEN- STAR Christmas Tree Water Level Indicator and Alarm
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TREE GREEN - STAR Christmas Tree Water Level Indicator and Alarm

Made in the U.S.A.
With Domestic and Globally Sourced Parts

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The perfect solution for the Christmas tree watering blues.This totally new concept and design solves the problems of trees getting too dry and reservoir overflow. No more need to crawl under the tree...Tree Green monitors and displays four water levels so you know when to water and how much to add.

Easy to install
Just place the depth sensor (which is connected to the ornament by a thin cable) in the reservoir and secure it to the tree with the pushpin that is included. Then hang the ornament on the tree. It’s that easy!

Monitors water level
Using colored lights and music, Tree Green continuously indicates the tree’s water level.

Warns You
Tree Green plays a Christmas song when the water is low, ensuring that you know when your tree needs water. When filling, you’ll know when the reservoir is full by the tune Tree Green plays.

How it works:
The water depth is measured by the sensor. Corresponding lights on the ornament indicate one of four reservoir levels.

Full = Flashing Green Light
Almost Full = Flashing Yellow Light
Almost Empty = Flashing Yellow and Red
Empty = Flashing Red

In addition, an audible alarm plays a Christmas tune once per hour when the water is almost empty and every half hour when empty. With this device, your tree need never be dry, and carpet damaging overfills will be a thing of the past.

Includes two common CR2032 camera batteries, enough to power TreeGreen for a full season. And Tree Green is built to perform year after year.

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